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Cascais, 14 - 16 November 2024

Health Data Forum Global Hybrid Summit 2024

The goal of this global summit is to combine the different perspectives of data scientists, healthcare professionals, patients and governance to find the much- needed consensus for the next generation of healthcare systems. Thank you for joining us please watch last event’s photo albums.

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Covid 19 and Health Data

Of course, we cannot remain indifferent to the extreme severity of the situation, therefore, we must also contribute to fight this global pandemia. In the war between the virus and humankind what would be the winning strategy in the long run? Can world nations build intelligence on how to stop the spread with a global Healthcare Data strategy where Big data, Deep Learning or Blockchain will be the ultimate weapons to fight the widespread and expedite our immunization with reliable vaccines?

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About us

The Health Data Forum is a non-governmental and not for profit initiative that promotes healthcare Thought Leadership in health and healthcare since 2006, facilitated by col.lab | collaboration laboratory, a permanent open space where ideas and people get together to co-create change and social innovation.

About the event organizers

This year’s edition is a joint organization of FMUP Porto University’s Medical School with MEDCIDS and the i-HD (European Institute for Innovation through Health Data).

Who really owns healthcare data?  There are many challenges involved in optimizing a healthcare system, but certainly one of the more challenging ones is privacy—and the many questions that surround the exploding amounts of personal healthcare data.

That data is as incredibly personal to patients as it is valuable to medical providers who need the information to understand their patients and provide the best care, and to researchers who, by aggregating and analysing it, can make important, life-saving and life-extending medical discovery. 

Yet there is huge healthcare gain potential if the national health systems and the private sector can find ways to collaboratively use patients healthcare data. 

Several days of intense discussions and sharing of best practices

Specialists from diverse backgrounds with practical perspectives and examples will help you become empowered and engaged in the interactive format of this conference, driven by guest speakers and facilitators.

Our summits offer an immersive learning experience both face-to-face and online thanks to Howspace™ an AI-powered online platform that makes learning social.

Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, this summit will be a hybrid meeting restricted to 150 participants (by today’s restrictions) attending locally joined by other remote speakers and online meeting participants.

The Knowledge Café is a conversational method in which small groups of people come together to have open, creative conversations on a topic of mutual interest, to surface their collective knowledge, to share ideas and to gain a deeper understanding of the issues involved and it can also be hosted online (more). 

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The Health Data Forum is proud to unite several distinguished partners that empowered and made possible this initiative last year. 

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