A Stronger United EU prepared for the next wave of Covid-19 or a New Pandemic

What are we doing? How are we preparing?

The current crisis has exposed many weaknesses in our countries, lack of preparedness,

resources, protective equipment, ventilators, ICU beds, drill exercises, lack of awareness,

dismissal denial, and a reluctance by some members states to take the virus seriously.

We are under attack and the response should be no different than a wartime physical attack, vs

enemy combatants, swift response with robust operations, logistics, equipment and properly

trained and prepared resources.

All of us have the responsibility to ask our politicians and municipal representatives, what are

we doing? How are we prepared? What are our roles? How much equipment do we need and

have? Drills need to implemented thought at a school, protocols, Etc.

Countries with a seismic activity have drills for children at school and businesses to prepare so

they know what to do in the event of an Earthquake, the same goes for Tsunamis, we need to

prepare industry and society for Pandemics also.

We need a united front across the EU between the academic, scientific research, industry, and

government acting in synchrony across borders with a common strategy and goal.

Every country matters no single state is left alone and behind, this can´t happen ever again.

We can´t afford a decentralized populist approach by country where each has a different

strategy, for example:

Sweden´s laissez-faire, nonchalant attitude of wait and see; Have the virus cover the population

for herd immunity at a significant cost of lives, the highest in the world per million, ignoring the

Scientific facts and data available since January. Many elderly don´t even get admitted to

hospital they are given palliative care on-site and are treated with opioids to sedate them, but

opioids reduce the ability to breathe so they died faster. We are running out of opioids, oxygen,

protective equipment which is reused over and over, increasing the chances of infection to

health staff.

We oppose the death penalty because we challenge the fact, we should not decide who lives

and who dies, yet nurses and doctors are making these harsh decisions now.

The UN Convention on Economic Social and Cultural Rights states that everyone has the right to

health and that states should prevent a pandemic. States have the obligation to prevent treat

and fight epidemics, prevent and treat diseases, and create conditions that ensure all medical

and hospital care is equally available to all in the case of illness.

The right of life can be found in the United Nations Convention on Civil and Political Rights of

1966, Article 6, of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The right to life is

a prerequisite for the exercise of other rights, but the right to life is nor worth much if the

pandemic and virus are allowed to spread freely.

We can´t wait and see if some of us will die from the attack and others won’t, it is the collective

responsibility and our duty to protect our own at all costs, a unified EU front is a must and

essential for our future survival and pave the road for the prosperous future of our children, the

time to act is now a common voice with the gesture and intent.

NATO spends billions in defense and drills, what are we spending in preparing for pandemics?

The New EU needs to rise up as a stronger cohesive body to facilitate, foment, fund and

endorse a new unified healthcare approach, the current methodology does not work, we

consume more than 95% of our budget across the EU nations to treat the sick, and that budget

is strained and at breaking point due to the increase migration.

We need to flip the pyramid upside down and treat the healthy so they don´t get sick,

incentives, preventive and predictive medicine, AI, data enablement collective and cohesive

data mining, knowledge sharing with properly orchestrated, structured, non-bias data.

Dirty Data will quickly become the New Fake News, and Ai´s potential is not realized without

the proper large amounts of clean and reliable data feed for it to work.

The new normal will be very different, from now on we need to reduce our dependency on the

world’s factory, we need to start manufacturing here; Made in the EU needs to be something to

be proud and endorsed.

Companies, should not be afraid of operating with smaller margins and manufacture here. We

need to endorse industries and brands that follow the four Ps, Planet. People, Purpose, and

Profit in that specific order.

Brands that don’t follow this principle and manufacture elsewhere should be marginalized,

continued dependence on China and elsewhere for cheap labor has to stop.

Made in the EU needs to be a sign of pride. We need to make all we can and need here, the

same goes for food, perishable goods/ produce we need to become more seasonal and stop

importing everything because it is easy and cheap.

This is a hard lesson and it will be an absolute shame if we get hit again and we are unprepared.

Thank you for your thoughts and comments.

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