Health Data Forum & Beamian

Safe digital registration and ticketing 

beamian digitalizes all processes and interactions for events, through an interactive lead capture technology.

Expert provider in hybrid & virtual events

No one doubts that the Digital Revolution is also impacting the world of events. This happens thanks to new players in the event industry specializing in digital tech that are transforming the event experience in all types of events. That’s the case of Beamian, a 100% customer-centric company.

This ‘digital native’ company is committed to bring digital transformation to the Event Industry together with their customers, so we are proud to partner with them for the next Global Hybrid Summit, next 28-30 October and confident that we have also found the best solution-provider for the EU-India Digital Health Summit in 2021.

And the best of all, as an event organizer you’re able to choose between a virtual, hybrid or in-person scenario without any pressure. And when the time comes to host live events again, the beamian platform offers a digital registration system and the security of contactless & paperless interactions. This full flexibility was one of the reasons we’ve chosen beamian to join us as a technological partner – because we know that our turning back to live events will be up to the upcoming challenges and regulations, while maintaining the benefits of our virtual experience within an integrated platform.

Beamian will be working closely with us in all steps of the event cycle, taking advantage of their unique experience in the latest trends in the event industry that you can also follow by subscribing beamian’s blog.

Stay tuned for more updates as we launch new services for your benefit as a member of the Health Data Forum Global Hybrid Summit, next 28-30 October.

If you want to find more about our event partner please subscribe their e-news here.

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