What will the hospital of the future look like in a post COVID-19 world?

Jeroen Tas and Sean Carney propose a no-frills realistic vision about the future

Almost all of the healthcare leaders today have realised deep in their lived experiences that COVID19 is going to have an impact on healthcare systems of historical proportions.

The concept of an hospital will be changing and the savvy  ones are looking at the most relevant industry players for guidance and advice,

Philips News Center is an interesting blog that offers relevant content for most of us and we have spoted this latest article as one that we cannot help to recommend as a must.

The hospital of the future is a network with flexible capacity, connected by a single digital infrastructure: critically ill patients are cared for in (remotely supported) ICUs; regular care takes place in connected health hubs in the community; while the at-risk patient population is monitored remotely and more engaged with their health than ever before.

Jeroen Tas

Chief Innovation & Strategy Officer, Philips

“Care could even come right to your doorstep. If you’re elderly or frail, a nurse could drive a mobile healthcare vehicle to your home. Once there, he or she could examine you in person and take advice from a doctor via a video session. At Philips, we’re testing this concept with three mobile units in the Japanese city of Ina, where there’s a rapidly aging population and a shortage of medical facilities and healthcare staff.”

Sean Carney Chief Experience Design Officer, PhilipsNew Paragraph

To read the full version, here.

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