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Data Quality Tutorials given by European Experts

Wednesday, 16 November 2022

The big health data revolution has not reached its full potential due to concerns related to the quality of health data. Data quality is about having confidence in the quality of the data that you record and the data you (re)use. Obtaining high-quality data in a healthcare setting seems evident and straightforward, unfortunately, this doesn’t appear to be the case in practice. Scientific research provides us with multiple case studies showing us the negative impact of low health data quality.

What can you learn about data quality in this half-day tutorial?

  • Why is data quality so important in our healthcare setting?
  • What is the impact of low data quality?
  • Data quality dimensions and how to create data quality rules.
  • Data quality assessment requirements
  • How to define tools to assess data quality?
  • Data quality curation
  • Implement practical solutions to address the root causes of data quality problems
  • Monitor and verify improvements that were implemented.
Who should attend this tutorial?
Professionals whose work involved handling health data
Pharmaceutical sector
Healthcare sector

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