Introduction to openEHR Clinical Modelling Course




What is a modular openEHR-based electronic health and social care record? How does it differ from a traditional model? How does the vendor and technology neutral openEHR data model look like? We offer 2 courses to learn more about openEHR.

Introduction to openEHR Clinical Modelling Course will familiarize you with the openEHR clinical modelling approach and the key tools used to develop openEHR data models.

After completing the Course you will have gained an understanding of the openEHR clinical modelling concepts, know how to start using the tools and understand the overall clinical modelling process using openEHR principles.

Part 1 Introduction to the Course

Part 2 What is clinical modelling? discusses different clinical modelling approaches and introduces the openEHR multi-level modelling approach.

Part 3 The basics of clinical modelling introduces the core concepts behind the openEHR modelling approach.

Part 4 Overview of clinical modelling tools introduces the key tools used in openEHR clinical modelling – the Clinical Knowledge Manager and Archetype Designer.

Part 5 Walkthrough of the clinical modelling process demonstrates the end-to-end clinical modelling process using the openEHR approach.

Part 6 openEHR governance provides an overview of the governance principles for openEHR archetypes and templates.

Part 7 openEHR in wider context discusses health information system infrastructures which utilize openEHR alongside other standards and components.

Part 8 Takeaways from the course


Hanna Pohjonen, eHealth Management Consultant, Founder at Rosaldo Oy, PhD & openEHR Ambassador Finland & co-chair in openEHR Finland and openEHR International Education Program is our course leader.



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